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The Story of Motown New and Revised, by Peter Benjaminson, released in November by Rare Bird Books, has just been featured on NYC TV.



The first book ever published in America about the Motown Record Corporation, this new edition of The Story of Motown includes a foreword by legendary rock critic Greil Marcus. It's being released in conjunction with the Motown Record Corporation's 60th, yes, 60th, Anniversary and in celebration of the fact that its author has written more books about Motown than anyone else on earth.



"Takes a clear yet affectionate look at one of the major musical institutions in this country. He presents Motown's faults without flinching and acknowledges the company's and Gordy's accomplishments… a great Christmas gift for music fans."

Maine Sunday Telegram


"…compelling and inspirational…eminently readable."
Detroit Free Press


"…well-written and credible..."
Library Journal


"Recommended reading."
―Steve Holsey, Michigan Chronicle


"…Invaluable as a capsulization of the spirit of the single greatest force in the growth and spreading of black talent. Benjaminson holds back nothing, sharing with the reader the thoughts and moods of the various figures who came and went during the early years. He reflects both their enthusiasm and their disillusionment, their talents and their failings, their beginnings and their fates fulfilled."
Soul Magazine


Pacific Sun


"…thorough and honest."
Daily Collegian


"... a fascinating account…"
The Courier-Gazette


"…goes a long way in documenting and explaining the inherent racism in the music business―even showing how Gordy used it to his advantage in forging the immortal Motown Sound, the 'Sound of Young America.'"
The Syracuse New Times


"…a well-researched and very enjoyable look at our own Motown records."
― (Detroit) Metro Times Blogs


"A very interesting story of a phase of modern music that had a bearing on lives both white and black."
Chattanooga News Free Press


"…a cohesive history of how Berry Gordy's vision of assembly-line recording evolved into a major cultural force."
Memphis Commercial Appeal


About the Author

Peter Benjaminson is the author of three other books about the Motown Record Company and its artists: The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard; Mary Wells: The Tumultuous Life of Motown's First Superstar; and Super Freak: The Life of Rick James. 

Now available in paperback, Kindle, and audio formats on